Beyond the Darkside 35 1-5


Fireball Brand Explosion Fire Pop Big Bang

The sound of electrons rearranging on the surface of the molecular analyzer grated on Aldric’s nerves. The hiss-chirp hiss-chirp cadence generated by the device was new, or at least it was new to him. He never noticed it before, but he was distracted before. Everything was clearer now, so it only made sense that he would notice sounds that were obviously masked before. Ignoring the sound was difficult, but it did not keep him from understanding the information.

The complex patterns taking shape on the analyzer was unlike anything he had seen before in organic matter. The DNA, or what passed for DNA in the remains of the tentacles that came pouring through the dimensional gate, mimicked the wave pattern of the energy that came from opening the gate in the first place. Was the creature’s DNA change when it went through the gate, or was the gate somehow connected to the creatures? Hard to answer that question without going through the gate himself, and he was not crazy enough to try going through the gate. Not yet anyway.

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Beyond the Darkside 32-13 to 17

Evan looked around the garage. “Is there a bathroom or something?”

“In the house, but you’ll have to strip out here,” Hanse said. “The little woman wouldn’t like it if we brought them inside.”

“But…I…” Evan climbed out of the shuttle and looked about. “What about privacy?”

“Stuff your privacy little man. I’ve been watching you in your little room since you arrived,” Hanse said as he exited the shuttle. He poked Evan in the chest with a finger and said, “Everything.” Continue reading “Beyond the Darkside 32-13 to 17”

100-Word Challenge, Day 273

Edzell Castle, Angus, Scotland. One of the sev...
Edzell Castle, Angus, Scotland. One of the seven liberal arts carvings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Sounds like him,” Evan said. “So what exactly are you rebelling against?”

Isis leaned forward, resting her elbows on the table, and stared straight at Evan. “We are not rebelling against anything,” she said. “We are fighting for our right, and yours, and everyone else’s on this lifeless rock. Every day we lose more of our freedom up here and no one on Terra cares and the people here are too desperate to do anything about it.”

Evan stared right back at her. “That sounds nice, but it’s a little too long to put on a tee-shirt.” He held up his hand to ward off the heated retort on Isis’s lips. “I’m not saying I disagree, but you’re giving me the rhetoric. I want the reality.”


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100-Word Challenge, Day 271

“So explain to me again what you are revolting against?” Evan said between bites. “And why haven’t I heard of you before?”

Isis smiled and said, “I would like to say that we try to keep a low profile, but the honest truth is that Aldric Dewitt’s media contacts make sure that anything we do ends up on the news as an industrial accident.” She smiled and pointed at Evan. “Your little accident in the lab was the first legitimate accident DarkSide has had in more than five years.” She plucked a piece of chicken from his plate and flipped it into her mouth. “Needless to say, when you bolted I got curious.”


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The Time To Act Is Now

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In December of 1776 Thomas Paine once wrote, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” He was talking about the American Revolution and he spoke about how it was important for the colonists to join the revolution, to fix what was wrong now rather than leave it for their children,  He was a revolutionary, passionate in his beliefs and persecuted for his often unpopular thoughts.  I imagine if he were alive today he would be agast at the state of the world.  Would his ability to speak to the common men and women as well as the powerful be dissipated by today’s media or would his words ring through the clutter of popular culture?  I worry about the world and the America that my children will inherit.  We have lost our way.  We fight over whose side is right while people starve.  Reality TV stars command what would be middle-class annual wages for a single appearance.  We spend billions on the military, but can’t provide classrooms that aren’t overloaded or lacking proper materials.  We pollute and destroy the natural world, but fail to act…unless it is convenient for us.  It is up to us to set the example, to lead the way so that our children stand a fighting chance in the world we leave behind.