Inspired and Feeling Fine

Last night I got a little…emotional while watching the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. I recorded a couple of videos and I’ll be sharing one of them here in a moment. Don’t worry, it’s not me blubbering for seven minutes. I talk about the trailer’s effect and how Star Wars is a source of inspiration for me.

On another note, I made my older son get out of bed a little early this morning so that I could play the trailer for both boys and Katie at the same time.  Katie was less than impressed (time to start the indoctrination), but the boys were both very excited about it.  You know it is good when Zachary is sitting on the couch looking a little stunned.

The Kickstarter is going well at this point. Six backers for $158 in the first two days is pretty awesome. Please check it out. Back me if you can. Share it if you can’t. I think you’ll really enjoy Apocalypse Rising: The Coming Darkness, and hitting my Kickstarter goal will make that happen so much faster.

Thank you for your support

I Am Broken

I should be sharing something about my Kickstarter campaign that launched yesterday, but I can’t. The link is there. You can click it, check out some information on the new book, but I’ll be honest. I’m sitting here in shock. I just wiped away the tears and I don’t quite know what to do. I’ll do a video post on my kickstarter and will probably post it here tomorrow, but for now, I can’t. I am broken.

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Free Comic Book Day 2014

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This past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and Tracy found us an awesome event at Spandex City Comics, so we loaded up the family and headed out. We started out with a visit with a pair of Scout Troopers from the 501st Regiment North Carolina Chapter. The two guys that were there were absolutely awesome. They talked with us and the kids and were more than happy to pose for pictures.  Katie was pretty impressed with them and did not want to lose sight of them. I tried to get her to say Darth Vader for them, but she was being shy. And yes, my daughter can say Vader. I will fully admit that I spent about an hour looking into how I could make armor of suitable quality so that I could join the 501st. Maybe once I have a house with a garage I could find someone local who would help me out.

After that we got to go inside and get our free comics. For the most part the boys picked out Marvel titles, with an emphasis on Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m just guessing they’re a bit excited for that movie.

After the comics it was all about the Sith lightsaber training. Zachary wasn’t sure he wanted to do it since he would be in front of a bunch of people, but we convinced him to give it a try and he had a great time with Connor. Katie was not at all sure about the Sith Lord and her Apprentice though. They would come around and she would grab on tight and keep them right where she could see them.

Once the training was done it was a quick stop for ice cream and then the long drive back home.

It was a great day and I look forward to doing t again next year….only with costumes next time.



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She Would Be Ten

Ten years ago my wife gave birth to my little girl.  The labor had been long and uncomfortable for my wife and ended in a C-Section ultimately.  I was in the operating room holding stroking my wife’s hair and speaking words of encouragement.  We didn’t know what we were having and the anticipation was killing us.  I’ll admit I hid behind the little fabric surgery screen by my wife’s head, not wanting to see her cut open and when they pulled her out and asked if I wanted to cut the umbilcol chord I said no and maintained my position.  I absolutely did not want to be finting in the OR and have the first moment’s of my daughter’s life sullied by the bad cliche that is her father.

I was completely unprepared for how much I loved that little girl.  The C-Section and a couple of complications kept my wife pretty inactive for the first week or so.  Consequently I spent a lot of time with my little Hailey bug, reading to her in the morning (Dragons of Autumn Twilight (April 1984), Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman) and strapping her to my chest and walking to the corner store for eggs and turkey bacon.  She was my princess.

My Little Hailey Bug at Two Weeks Old

We had her for less than a month when she passed away suddenly.  She was there one day and gone the next. I don’t want to go into the details now and I’ll share some of that later, but she was taken away from us far too quickly.  She was my light and I miss her still.

I often think about what she would be like if she were still alive.  She would be heading into fifth grade this next year.  God…fifth…grade.  I imagine her being very girly but with a strong streek of geek in her.  She would probably be driven insane by her younger brothers, but would defend them mercilessly outside of our home.  She would be a shopaholic like her mother and have the boys coming around all the time.  I would own a shotgun…a big scary looking one…kept in a locked glass case near the front door so all of the potential suitors could see it.  I imagine her sitting on the couch snuggled up next to me watching Star Wars, covered up by a blanket to stay warm despite it being the summer.

I miss her.  Happy Birthday Hailey Thompson Swett.  You still light up my life.


Fan Fiction?

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As a self declaring geek I openly admit a love for many a “geeky” thing. I am really more of a Star Wars than Star Trek sort of guy, but I don’t limit myself to either.  I enjoy comic books of the super hero and the dramatic varieties though I lean towards the super heroes.  I used to play Dungeons and Dragons (I would still be playing but my move to North Carolina and my rather tricky schedule have made a return rather difficult) and Battletech (same as with D&D, but I do occasionally play a little online through megamek).  I like Firefly, Battlestar Gallactica, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Stargate, Dr Who and any number of other television shows and movies.

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Distractions and Foci

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Last weekend I had the major part of a day all to myself. I had nothing planned for except a phone call with a friend (which ended up not happening), yet I managed to get very little written during that time. That evening I wrote considerably more and ended the day about 1000 words short of my goal. I sat down and wrote the next day and was about as productive, though I spent the bulk of the day distracted by my parental duties. On the third day I punched out almost as much as I had during the previous two days combined although I was every bit as busy as the day before.

As I looked at the results of my weekend I asked myself what had made the difference in how much I was able to write during each day and at the different times of day. I questioned what had distracted me and what had helped me focus on my work and then I pondered what about the distractions and focus enhancers made them what they were. Continue reading “Distractions and Foci”