Beyond the Darkside 34-16 to 20


“Mostly food and medical supplies, but we swiped some parts too,” Hanse said.

Debra slowly shifted her gaze to her husband. “And that is it?”

Hanse tilted his head to the side and grinned. “Well there were a few weapons and a prototype code breaker, but that’s it: promise.”

“Great.” Debra shook her head and sighed. “Well that should be enough to get Vo off my back, at least for now, but that doesn’t mean you two are off the hook. Odds are both her and Aldric Dewitt will be coming for you two soon enough, so I would just as soon get you both out of my house.” Continue reading “Beyond the Darkside 34-16 to 20”

Beyond the Darkside 32-13 to 17

Evan looked around the garage. “Is there a bathroom or something?”

“In the house, but you’ll have to strip out here,” Hanse said. “The little woman wouldn’t like it if we brought them inside.”

“But…I…” Evan climbed out of the shuttle and looked about. “What about privacy?”

“Stuff your privacy little man. I’ve been watching you in your little room since you arrived,” Hanse said as he exited the shuttle. He poked Evan in the chest with a finger and said, “Everything.” Continue reading “Beyond the Darkside 32-13 to 17”

Beyond the Darkside: 30-10 to 14

Beyond the Darkside

“You did what?” Evan’s eye grew wide to the point of looking as though they spring from their sockets.

“Tripped an alarm.” Hanse looked around them. “It’s silent now, but I think it will get noisy soon.”


“Yeah. You’d better get working that mojo or we’re going to be in a lot of trouble.” Hanse pulled a small radio from one of the pouches attached to his belt and spoke into it. “Time to go kids. The alarm is ringing and the countdown has started. Remember the rules and lock it up if you need to.” Continue reading “Beyond the Darkside: 30-10 to 14”

Beyond the Darkside: 30-7 to 9

Hanse led Evan through a twisting path of shelves and racks until they came to a long line of cages that surrounded a central building that stood well above the rest of the wire and steel structures that dominated the large, cathedral-like space. As they drew closer to the building, Evan noticed sensor and cameras at the corners of the structure and knew that their target was inside.
Continue reading “Beyond the Darkside: 30-7 to 9”

100-Word Challenge, Day 246-249


Phillips-head screw

“It’s time to get up.” The too familiar electronic voice said.

Evan rolled away from the door, stuck his arm up and casually extended his middle finger. By his best guess a week had passed since his failed escape attempt. He still received the same boring meals and the occasional interruption from the intercom, but now there were always two people bringing him his meal, and one of them was always armed. Continue reading “100-Word Challenge, Day 246-249”

100-Word Challenge, Day 180-184

In a fit of anger, Evan threw the plastic water bottle across the room, only his ears started ringing with the familiar buzz that accompanied his newfound talent’s emerging. The bottle slammed into the wall beyond his bed and buried four inches of itself in the plaster and concrete. The buzz went away and Evan knew the power went with it.

“Shit.” Evan got up from the floor and walked across the room as if he feared the bottle would come flying back out at any moment. Once he was at the end of the bed, outside of any potential line of fire, he reached out and touched the still exposed end of the bottle. It was warm to the touch and vibrating fast enough to be imperceptible until his finger stopped the motion. “Well there goes my deposit,” he said as he grabbed hold of the bottle and slowly pulled it out of the wall.

Once the bottle was free, Evan reached into the hole left behind and ran his hands over the cold, smooth walls. Pulverized concrete coated his fingers in a fine dust that drifted into the room on the slightest air current. Evan whistled in admiration. “I’ve got skills.” He probed deeper and cursed as he pulled back his hand. The tips of his fingers were red and blistered from where he had touched the steel out shell of the building. The bottle had even managed to punch through the extremely durable environmental shielding that normally sat between the outer layer and the concrete interior. “Fabulous.”

The breech in the insulating barriers would quickly turn his little apartment into an unlivable space that alternated between scorching hot and numbingly cold. Evan considered stuffing something into the hole to ward off some of the extreme temperature changes, but anything short of replacement shielding would let rather unhealthy quantities of cosmic radiation into the room. The idea of being bombarded by exotic particles did not please him at all.

“Jacob,” he said aloud, “I do not know if you can hear me or not, but I need to get out of this place. I’ll leave a note at the front desk. I hope I can trust you on this.” Evan figured that a clever guy like Jacob probably left some sort of bug in the apartment, and if he did not, well he had proven quite capable of tracking Evan down.

Evan gathered his few remaining belongings and gathered them into his duffle bag. Each move left him a little poorer, and he worried that too many more moves would leave him little more than a penniless beggar. On the moon, that was a position that did not last long as the consumption of air bore a price. The official position was that such people were deported back to earth or conscripted into labor camps where they worked until death overtook them, but Evan suspected that many were simply ejected from the habitats to die from compulsory decompression.


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100-Word Challenge, Day 175

Jon.Jennings / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Fine motor control was coming slow, but he might have developed it faster if he were not stuck in a tiny room with a security deposit and a landlord that came knocking whenever things got noisy. The closest Evan came to any real control had been when he had opened a beer across the room. True, he had somehow manage to slice the top of the bottle off instead of simply popping the cap off, but he was able to drink the beer afterwards, so he called it a success. His standards had slipped quite a bit since he had been away from the lab.


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100-Word Challenge, Day 172-174

A Green Planet water bottle, made from vegetab...

The small refrigerator in the kitchenette still held a couple of bottles of reprocessed water, a half-eaten sandwich from the day before and a small bag of apples that had cost twice what he was used to paying. Evan took a deep breath, focused his thought as well as he could, and reached out with his mind. He imagined a hand slowly pulling open the door of the refrigerator, but he was still learning the finer points of control and the vodka did little to help, so the door flung open with a crash that knocked a glass off the counter and sent the bottled water rolling onto the floor. Continue reading “100-Word Challenge, Day 172-174”