Book Review: First Epiphany of the Time Vandal

Rollins finished lighting his cigar.  He shook out the match and laid it in the ashtray.  “Harald Bluetooth?” he queried, looking down at the book lying on the edge of Elijah’s desk.

“Danish king, around 980 A.D.,” Elijah answered as he sat down behind his desk.  “At the height of his power he ruled over most of Scandinavia.  He converted all his subjects to Christianity.”  He shot the director a glance.

“Peacefully, I’m sure,” retorted the Director, smiling ear-to-ear.  He loved tweaking Elijah about things like this.

Elijah shrugged, unapologetically. “He’s just a hobby of mine,” he said.  “Guys like that, the ones that were able to unite a bunch of tribes against all odds, they always interested me the most.  I don’t know why.”  He started typing something on his laptop.  Rollins ignored him for the next few moments, puffing on his cigar to really get it going.  After a few moments more, the dark clouds filling the small office, he looked back up across the desk at Elijah and chose his words carefully.  “You know, Kim would have been really proud today.”  Elijah’s head snapped up, a barely concealed look of pain on his face.  Rollins continued, “It’s been over a year, man.” He shook his head slightly back and forth twice and paused for a moment.  “I mean … I guess I just want to say that I’m proud of you too, buddy.”

Elijah glared at him evenly, his gaze showing no emotion at all.  “I appreciate that, Jack.  I really do.”

After a few more seconds of silence, Rollins stood up and walked around the desk to where Elijah was sitting.  He reached out and put his hand on Elijah’s shoulder.  “I know that you wish, more than the whole world, that she was here today to share this with you, to share this day.  She believed in this project almost as much as you did.” 

M.E. Bowling. First Epiphany of the Time Vandal (Kindle Locations 295-309). Kindle Edition.

Time Vandal

The Observer Effect is this strange physics principle that says the act of observation alters the outcome when observing phenomenon. The same principle can be applied to people and animals to an extent. So what happens when a brilliant scientist discovers a way to travel through time so that history can be observed and recorded? Dr. Elijah Snow learns that time travel is far more complicated than the science that made it possible as he starts his journey toward becoming the Time Vandal. Continue reading “Book Review: First Epiphany of the Time Vandal”

Book Review: Blue Into The Rip

The flying machine hovered over the island of Dooleys Wood, a single blade whining in the balmy air.

Various memorised schematics of helicopters popped into Blue’s mind (he remembered everything). The aircraft was like no other helicopter. A hybrid. Directional jet engines slung on either side of the fuselage. A traditional helicopter was heavy, noisy and mechanical, challenging gravity for a place in the sky. This machine had no such contest. A bronze-coloured, flitting hummingbird.

The crack of breaking branches and a substantial brass-like ladder crashed through the canopy.

“Hey, Gote.” A youthful voice over a tinny speaker. “Get on board.”

Blue stared open-mouthed.

“Do you want rescuing or not?”


The word jarred him into action and Blue grabbed hold of the ladder. The whine of the helicopter increased in volume. A few seconds later, Blue dangled hundreds of feet above an inland sea of never- ending water. A plain white logo of the Earth within a ring adorned the fuselage. The artist had done a sloppy job on the continents; the outlines were unrecognisable. Underneath, three words, OUR VERY EARTH. Undaunted by the height, Blue pulled himself into the golden-skinned craft.

The ladder retracted and the door slid shut with a hiss.

“Ready for the ride of your life, Gote?” came a boyish voice over the speaker. “Time to light the fuse. Wahoo!”

With a deafening roar of engines and prop, quick acceleration flung Blue against the back wall of the compartment.

Blue Into The Rip by Kev Heritage (Kindle Locations 172-186).

 Blue Into The Rip

 Time travel is supposed to be fun, or at the very least it should start out that way. After years of reading and movie watching it seems to me that the act of time travel (whether forward or backward) at least starts off as a lot of fun. There is usually that time where you are all excited about seeing something old or discovering something new, but for Blue, the awkward teenager with the unusual eyes, time travel was a nightmare he couldn’t wake up from or escape. Continue reading “Book Review: Blue Into The Rip”