Beyond the Darkside, 29-7 to 11


Aldric stripped down until he was naked before the shower. He turned his head to look at the mirror and appreciated his appearance. If not for all of the blood he could have appeared on any health magazine. The lower gravity of the moon made movement fare less stressful on the body, and there were plenty of people who took advantage of that and let themselves devolve into soft, squishy people, as featureless as they were boring. “Evan is one of those people,” Adlric thought aloud. “Was. Was one of those people,” he corrected himself. He was glad the little nerd was dead, but he wished he could have strangled the runt himself.

Aldric never let the gravity differential get in the way of staying in good shape. The use of artificial gravity fields and resistance bands allowed him to remain lean and strong. Well defined muscle stood out beneath his taught skin. The accident and his subsequent recovery had limited Aldric’s time at the gym, but his appearance defied suggested the opposite. He was in the best shape of his life and he felt as healthy as ever.

He shook his head and grimaced. He was amazing and Evan was a simpering dough-boy. Why had Margaret chosen him? Why had she come back? Couldn’t she have just died like she deserved. It was bad enough that Aldric couldn’t shake the feeling of Evan still being alive, but to be confronted in his building by that slut was just too much for a man of his superiority to swallow. Continue reading “Beyond the Darkside, 29-7 to 11”

100-Word Challenge, Day 263

“My position with DarkSide is in flux at the moment, so I am exploring my options.” Margaret took another drink of water. “I’m sorry. Would you like a drink?”

Glass | Water | Light | Shadow
Glass | Water | Light | Shadow (Photo credit: tim.perdue)

“No, thank you.” Christopher said. He tapped his chin with a couple of fingers as he looked her over. Stealing away one of Aldric’s people had a lot of appeal, and if the rumors were true, Christopher would be stealing his girlfriend as well. He wasn’t sure exactly where he could fit her into the organization, but he would make room for such a prize. “Well I would certainly like to bring you on board,” he said. “Perhaps we could discuss it over dinner?”


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100-Word Challenge, Day 172-174

A Green Planet water bottle, made from vegetab...

The small refrigerator in the kitchenette still held a couple of bottles of reprocessed water, a half-eaten sandwich from the day before and a small bag of apples that had cost twice what he was used to paying. Evan took a deep breath, focused his thought as well as he could, and reached out with his mind. He imagined a hand slowly pulling open the door of the refrigerator, but he was still learning the finer points of control and the vodka did little to help, so the door flung open with a crash that knocked a glass off the counter and sent the bottled water rolling onto the floor. Continue reading “100-Word Challenge, Day 172-174”