Book Review: The Author Mindset

Ask any dedicated author and they will tell you that coming up with the idea for a story is probably the easiest part of the writing process. Sitting down and writing the book is certainly time consuming, while editing and rewriting is probably the hardest part of the process. One thing most of us fail to think about is the selling. How do we market our books? How do we get our name known by the masses?
The Author Mindset, by Falcon Storm, takes a look at what it means to be an author and offers advice on the writing process and the steps to take once the story is set to paper. I listened to the Audio Book version of the book and checked it against an e-copy, but this review will include my input on the audio version as well as the content.

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Standing on the Edge and Looking Up

English: penulis = writer
English: penulis = writer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m a pretty confident guy, but that confidence is balanced on a precipice that leads to chasm of self doubt. All it takes is a little push and I fall into the depths and I have a hard time clawing my way back out. Years ago I let criticism of my writing push me to a place where I gave up on it altogether. I had spend hundreds of hours working on my first novel attempt only to have it torn down at every turn. Was it good writing? Probably not. Did it need a lot of work? Most definitely. Were they saying it was as bad as I thought they were saying it was (don’t judge this sentence…there is a point here somewhere)? Hopefully not. The negative comments left me wallowing in self-doubt, no matter that other people had said that it was good. A few negative words made me forget those compliments in a flash and I stopped writing for the better part of a year. Continue reading “Standing on the Edge and Looking Up”