NaNoWriMo, I Have Failed Thee

So it is day twelve of NaNoWriMo and I have decided that this year’s attempt is a bust.

NaNoWriMo: the niche
NaNoWriMo: the niche (Photo credit: mpclemens)

I’m enjoying the story idea and I will definitely be pursuing it in some fashion, but I know that I’ve fallen far enough behind that there is no making up the difference for me. Honestly, I didn’t think I would be able to hit the 50k mark, but I thought I would do a bit better than I have. Working three jobs with one of them suddenly having an extended deadline left me almost no time to write. As it is I should be working on some stuff for job number three rather than writing this post, but even I need a break every now and then.

So where does that leave me, my writing and this blog? Well I’ll go back to focusing my efforts on editing AR2 and working on my science fiction serial. It makes for a very disappointing November, but there is always next year.

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NaNoWriMo 2013 – Part One

It is day six of NaNoWriMo and I am already way behind, but I’m working on it.  I thought I would share my progress as of last night, so here you have it:


Construction worker in San Francisco.
Construction worker in San Francisco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It started with a boom. Somewhere off in the distance there was an explosion. I couldn’t see any smoke, but I was in the heart of downtown Delphi so I wouldn’t see much unless it was happening right in front of me. The massive skyscrapers of the world’s largest new metropolis provided a sense of security that bordered on oppression. Modern building codes made each one resemble a medieval fortress that reached toward the heavens, and their stability protected the people inside from the dangers of the modern world. I shrugged off the noise and continued my walk to the office. Continue reading “NaNoWriMo 2013 – Part One”

NaNoWriMo 2013 Update

The setup for NaNoWriMo at home, if I need to ...
The setup for NaNoWriMo at home, if I need to be portable. Long exposure lit by sweeping an LED flashlight over the scene. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I have been feverishly working on putting together an outline and a couple of quick character sketches for my 2013 NaNoWriMo attempt, and I finally finished. Okay, I say finished, but really I mean that I have something that I can at least work from. outlining has never been my strong suite. I tend to write with a VERY vague idea about what the story will entail and that often changes a dozen times between the time I start and the time I finish. This has been my first real attempt to outline a story from the beginning, and I hope that it proves useful and that the habit grows on me.

Here is a page I found that helped me with my outlining, because you know I need all the help I can get.  Duo-Lit.

Anyhow, I’ll be posting my output here as I can and I hope you enjoy what you see, but read it fast, because it comes off the blog December 2.


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NaNoWriMo 2013

The setup for NaNoWriMo at home, if I need to ...
The setup for NaNoWriMo at home, if I need to be portable. Long exposure lit by sweeping an LED flashlight over the scene. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is that time of year again. It is NaNoWriMo time, and I am going to give it a shot this year despite my rather full plate.  I know, you’re saying, “But Eric, you still have to edit AR2 and get it out for your adoring fans to read,” and you would be absolutely right, but I need to push myself in November because I feel like I have let myself get lazy with my writing habits this year and I need a good kick in the shorts to get me revved up again.

My original idea for this year was going to be my intended story for last year, but I cannot find my notes, so I need to scurry an outline together in a hurry if I want to go with that SUPER secret concept. If I can’t put that together then I will just do the sequel to my NaNoWriMo from two years ago. I have a lot of it ready to go already, so it would be an easy substitute.  Of course, if I have to go that route, it sure makes it look like NaNoWriMo will be a struggle since I can’t even find the time to redo my outline and character notes.

I am growing a small group for mutual encouragement, so if you want to join us, just stop by my NaNoWriMo page HERE and add me as a buddy.

Good Luck!

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Sometimes You Have To Change Your Priorities

If you have been following this blog at all for the last year or so, you know that until recently I have been a pretty consistent blogger, with my daily 100 posts being the primary staple until this summer. My consistency was thrown for a loop back in January when we found out that my wife was pregnant. I was able to keep up with my writing for most of the year, but eventually my husband/father duties, along with my second and third jobs, put a limit on how much time I had to write.
Continue reading “Sometimes You Have To Change Your Priorities”

New Year’s Resolutions and Other Insanities

Anthony K. Valley /Foter

Last year I set one real goal/resolution for 2011. I wanted to average 500 words per day in my writing and I’m happy to say I exceeded that. I barely wrote anything I in December and still my average for the year exceeded 600. The 50k word written for NaNaWriMo helped me take a break in December which I desperately needed so that I could bend more of my will against the editing process. Continue reading “New Year’s Resolutions and Other Insanities”

No More NaNoWriMo

Okay…no more NaNoWriMo until next year at least. November has come and gone and it has all bee a fabulous blur, but it is time to get back on course. I set aside all other writing for my NaNoWriMo project, but I must get back to it now. I have my 100-word project to keep me writing and I am editing and rewriting ALONE as well.  I would really like to have it completely edited and ready for submission by the end of January, so there is a lot of work to be done there. I figure once I have Alone ready and I’m shopping it around, I’ll go back to my NaNoWriMo piece for rewrite and edit.  With any luck I may have one or more published next year. Continue reading “No More NaNoWriMo”

NaNoWriMo: Day 26

So I wrote nothing on the 26th day of the month, but I had a REALLY good excuse. I was spending the last day of my vacation with my wife and kids.

I spent the morning watching the sunrise with my wife. It was one of the greatest moments of my Thanksgiving Holiday.

Sunrise on Tybee Island

After we got everything put together, packed up and ready to g0 we did a little last minute tourist shopping and headed for our last tourist stop of the trip.

We went to Fort Pulaski, a Civil War Era fort that fell victim to the modernization of the nineteenth century battlefield.  It was awesome to see and the whole family had a great time.

The Flagpole at Fort Pulaski

A Month Ends and A New One Begins

St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writin...
Image via Wikipedia

What a weekend and what a month!  This one has been exhausting to be sure, but that is not too unusual I suppose. The tricky thing with this month has been that it was a tease. It felt like this was supposed to be the month where things leveled off, but that was so not the case. The further along the month went the more chaotic it all became.

This past weekend we started the Fall Tournament for Iredell County (which SISA is participating. We had to miss Connor’s first game because it started at 5PM in Mooresville. Continue reading “A Month Ends and A New One Begins”

NaNoWriMo Prequal!

I am blatantly stealing an idea from this extremely well written blog. I read it, watched the attached video and decided that she had come upon a great idea. So here it is:

I am writing some short stories that will show off some of the characters that will be appearing in my NaNoWriMo story next month.  I had never thought of doing something like this until I read her blog and I have to say I instantly fell in love with the idea. So, for the rest of this week you’ll be seeing a few short pieces that will give you a glimpse into the characters and world of my NaNoWriMo novel.

Tomorrow will be the first entry and the day after will be the second.  Let me know what you think!