100-Word Challenge, Day 274-275

Asphyxiation (Photo credit: Rob Watling)

“The reality is that your friends at DarkSide are gaining more control of the moon every day, and no one is even talking about it,” Isis said.

“DarkSide is a big company,” Evan said. “Big companies buy up smaller companies. There’s nothing wrong with that.” He took another slug of alcohol and gasped as it burned down the length of his throat.

Isis smiled and said, “On the surface, no, but when you consider that DarkSide has gotten big enough that they dictate prices and command the government to do their bidding, then there is something wrong with it.”

“DarkSide doesn’t tell the government what to do,” Evan said with confidence. “They make recommendations and the government usually agrees.”

“It is more than recommendations,” Isis said. “Did you know that Aldric personally demanded the Lunar government close their Research and Development program? When they didn’t comply the power converters in the building suddenly failed. They came back online eventually, but not before forty people were hospitalized from asphyxiation.” Isis poured herself another glass of synthskey before continuing. “The next day a similar event occurred at the hydroponics lab the Defense Minister’s wife works at. The next morning the R&D lab was shut down and DarkSide gobbled up all of their research and scientists.”


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